Systems/Engineering Software Engineer - Database (Mumbai, India)

SitePlug, founded in 2015, is a business unit owned and operated by Affinity, an advertising technology holding company. SitePlug drives digital transactions for brands by correcting user navigation errors globally, thereby solving a marketer’s problem.

Users make spelling errors while entering website addresses or while they are searching for brands in the browser. These errors can drive users off course, and they could end up on a competitor brand’s website or get infected with viruses by look-alike websites. Our proprietary tech auto-corrects these errors and redirects users safely to where they really intended to go in the first place. Our tech eliminates the friction brands face in attracting high intent consumers (who have been influenced by the brands communication on TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print, etc.).

SitePlug is trusted by over 1,000 brands globally for whom we are bringing back transaction’sworth $100Mn annually, which could have been potentially lost to competing brands. SitePlug’s vision is to enhance safer and faster browsing for internet users globally.

The Job: The ideal candidate is someone who has rich experience handling data and building internet scale products. Our product deals with delivering ads to 100’s of millions of users from around the world. We need someone who is a creative problem solver, good at writing SQL queries and resourceful in getting things done, and productive working independently or collaboratively. The person will be responsible for developing database processes for our advertising product, generating reports, managing data and deploying large databases across multi-cloud environment and adapting to changing and highly-disruptive advertising technology platform.


  • Develop database processes, gather and process raw data at scale (including writing scripts, web scraping, calling APIs, write SQL queries in MySQL, etc.).
  • Work closely with our engineering team to integrate your amazing innovations and algorithms into our production systems.
  • Support business decisions with ad hoc analysis as needed.
  • Troubleshoot production issues and identify practical solutions.
  • Routine check-up, back-up and monitoring of the entire MySQL and Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Take end-to-end responsibility of the Traditional Databases (MySQL), Big Data ETL, Analysis and processing life cycle in the organization.
  • Build, deploy and maintain real-time streaming pipelines and real-time analytics.
  • Manage deployments of big-data clusters across private and public cloud platforms.

Required Skills

  • 4+ years of experience with SQL (MySQL) a must.
  • 2+ years of Hands-on experience working with Cloudera Hadoop Distribution platform and Apache Spark.
  • Experience as a Database developer writing SQL queries, DDL/DML statements, managing databases, writing stored procedures, triggers and functions and knowledge of DB internals.
  • Knowledge of database administration, performance tuning, replication, backup and data restoration.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Hadoop Architecture and HDFS, to design, develop, document and architect Hadoop applications.
  • Working knowledge of SQL, NoSQL, data warehousing & DBA.
  • Working knowledge of Map-Reduce, Hive, Impala, Kafka, HBase, Pig, and Java.
  • Experience processing large amounts of structured and unstructured data.
  • Experience extracting and transforming data from remote data stores, such as relational databases or distributed file systems.
  • Experience with Python, R, and Big Data tools like Oozie, Zookeeper, Sqoop, Hive, Impala to manage and administer TB of data processing.
  • Working expertise with Apache Spark, Spark streaming, and Python or Scala programming.
  • Strong knowledge and experience with data analytics, mathematics and statistics.

Additional Desired Skills

  • Adequate exposure to Linux environment and file system.
  • Exposure to handling large datasets (billions of records) is a plus.
  • Excellent communication skills, ability to tailor technical information for different audiences.
  • Excellent teamwork skills, ability to self-start, share insights, ask questions, and report progress.
  • Strong enthusiasm in solving messy problems with good solution design skills.
  • Adequate experience with data analysis or software development in a Unix-based system.
  • Ability to grasp emerging technical standards and apply in right direction.


  • Young, Dynamic, Competitive work environment
  • 5-day work week
  • Flexible working hours and flexible leaves
  • Casual dress code
  • Equal opportunity workplace
  • Allowances (Leave travel, medical, conveyance, marriage, baby, etc.)
  • Annual Bonus
  • Big Results = Big Rewards
  • Recreational Facilities (Table tennis, Pool etc.)

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