Systems/Engineering Team Lead (Mumbai, India)

Siteplug founded in 2015, is a business unit owned and operated by Affinity, an advertising technology holding company. SitePlug drives digital transactions for brands by correcting user navigation errors globally, thereby solving a marketer’s problem.

Users make spelling errors while entering website addresses or while they are searching for brands in the browser. These errors can drive users off course, and they could end up on a competitor brand’s website or get infected with viruses by look-alike websites. Our proprietary tech auto-corrects these errors and redirects users safely to where they really intended to go in the first place. Our tech eliminates the friction brands face in attracting high intent consumers (who have been influenced by the brands communication on TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print, etc.).

SitePlug is trusted by over 1,000 brands globally for whom we are bringing back transaction’s worth $100Mn annually, which could have been potentially lost to competing brands. SitePlug’s vision is to enhance safer and faster browsing for internet users globally.

The Job: The ideal candidate is someone who has rich experience in building consumer facing web products at scale and has deeper understanding of how internet works. This person will be a part of our SitePlug tech team contributing to various Products like - SiteDirect, SiteDiscover and SiteSuggest. We help over 100 Mn users globally navigate to their desired websites with no friction. Our product deals with millions of web hits for typing errors on domains and search queries in various languages from around the world. This person will be handling a team responsible for improving the ad decisioning algorithms affecting user navigation journey on web and search experience for millions of users globally. This person has to be innovative and diligent, someone who can undertake challenges, analyze problems, make progress, identify risks, and develop solutions. He should be able to work with a team and inspire them to reach product goals in time.


  • Lead by example, handle a team and product goals, be the owner of product technical design for our Ad Server. Handle modules related to frontend and backend application development, including API dev and enhancements, cloud deployment and optimization, performance and scale.
  • Work with technology, product and business teams to enhance commercial value of the product by building/updating product features.
  • Build highly scalable, efficient, distributed, cloud based, low latency product.
  • Write clean, testable, readable and maintainable code that scales. Take ownership of assignments, code and features, from design through production deployment, enhancements and support. Troubleshoot production issues and identify practical solutions.
  • Develop relevant analytics data to keep track of product growth. Understand data thoroughly and have insights about various business use cases.
  • Ensure application design and code performance is of highest quality. Guarantee product quality and ensuring regular progress.
  • Support customer-facing teams with data insights, reports, analysis, and actionable recommendations.
  • Be a trusted advisor and thought partner, providing deep analysis of data and help define and conduct pilot tests.
  • Be responsible for adequate delegation, hiring and training team members, and measure and manage project progress on JIRA and documentation processes.

Required Skills

  • 10+ years of industry experience building scalable web applications and having programming experience using PHP, with knowledge of Linux, Nginx, Redis, MySQL.
  • 7+ years of experience with SQL and relational databases, experience of writing complex queries, stored procedures, triggers, experience in MySQL is a must.
  • Strong knowledge of HTML5, DOM Scripting, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, browsers, Sessions, Cookies, JSON, XML, etc.
  • Ability to write high performance production quality code with solid engineering skills to build cloud applications and API’s.
  • Understanding of website deployment on cloud (AWS, GCP) for high scale and performance.
  • Ability to quickly respond to the changing needs and roll out functionality in small, usable and measurable increments.
  • Hands-on experience with focus on website development, browser testing, html and CSS design integration, understanding website performance, etc.
  • Excellent communication skills, ability to tailor technical information for different audiences. Excellent teamwork skills, ability to self-start, share insights, ask questions, and report progress. Must be a good team player with good leadership qualities.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science with skills in website development andinternet.

Additional Desired Skills

  • Added advantage if you have exposure to advance technology components like – caching techniques, load balancers, distributed logging, distributed queries, queueing engines, containerization, html/CSS optimization, web server optimization, AWS/Google Cloud.
  • Strong understanding of data, data analytics and user experience.
  • Strong programming, analysis and design skills including OOP, Algorithms, Data Structures, Networking, strong HTTP fundamentals and good OS Concepts.
  • Desired 1+ years of experience in MapReduce/Hadoop, Hive, Impala for handling distributed data.
  • Experience in Java, Python or similar languages is a plus.
  • Working knowledge of Linux based software development environment.
  • Strong enthusiasm in solving messy problems with good solution design skills.
  • Working experience on scalable interactive web applications, preferably at a major internet property and ability to grasp emerging technical standards and apply/mentor development team in right direction.


  • Young, Dynamic, Competitive work environment
  • 5-day work week
  • Casual dress code
  • Allowances (medical, maternity, etc.)
  • Bonus- Performance, Referral, Marriage & Child
  • Big Results = Big Rewards
  • Daily Recreational Activities organized by WeWork Community (Stand Up shows, Yoga Classes, Dance Classes, Training Programmes, etc.)

About Us

About Affinity
Affinity is an ad tech company which creates user engagement products (branding and performance) for digital media. It is in the business of creating sustainable and scalable advertising/media products with special attention to user experience. Established in 2014, Affinity is now a 140+ employee company that operates 5 business units, namely - mCanvas, VEVE, Siteplug, & Yield Solutions. For more information, visit

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